LaserStrike™ Titanium Slide Plate - V4 Beskar Steel 43/43x/48

Etched Ordnance

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Product Overview

LaserStrike™ Titanium End Plate laser marked with our Version 4 of the 'Beskar Steel' design.  The V4 design was created to give the imperial symbol a clean solid look, but still allows the beskar to be seen around the entire logo.  

This Titanium design is very robust (as is all our other titanium design).  The black color is laser annealed and will not scratch like paint or a normal steel/aluminum engraving.  It is forever Beskar, no wear and tear. 

Fitment - 43, 43x, 48 

*The subtle difference between the V3 and V4 look is based only on the appearance of the imperial logo itself because of customer preference.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review