LaserStrike™ Titanium Slide Plate - Smile Child (43/43X/48)

Etched Ordnance

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Product Overview

LaserStrike™ Titanium End Plate laser marked with the 'Smile Child' design.  This particular design will be made as ordered 1-2 days possible before shipping.

This is lasered Titanium, no paint/painting.  This gives a very unique and robust look to the product.  This product is With our full laser finish (unless intentionally or accidently destroyed), under normal use conditions it should keep its appearance permanently. Smudges or gun oil can change the sheen of colors - this is temporary and not a problem. A little windex and a soft cloth will bring the colors/images back to the original state/look.

Fitment - 43, 43x, 48 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review